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Does your team speak Spanish? 2014-05-03T15:33:07+00:00

Many of our team members are bilingual.

Because I am still recovering after leaving Skilled Nursing, can you see me in my home? 2014-05-03T15:32:23+00:00

Why yes! That is one of our specialized services we enjoy providing to the community. If you or your loved one is home bound, we will provide services in the comfort of your home.

Will the same physician here at the Skilled Nursing Facility also see me at home? 2014-05-03T15:31:28+00:00

At Primary Care of Central Florida we want to ensure we continue to provide the highest in quality healthcare; because of this you will be seen by our carefully selected home care team of physicians and nurse practitioners. When you transition back home, you can be rest assured you will be greeted with a team who will continue to see you on your path to recovery.

What about medications? 2014-05-03T15:27:52+00:00

Our medical providers can prescribe medications and order refills. Please note that most medication requests require 24 to 48 hours to process.

How do I schedule an appointment? 2014-05-03T15:27:23+00:00

Please call our office at 321-235-0692 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to schedule an appointment. We will verify your insurance eligibility and then schedule an appointment within one to two weeks. Please download our New Patient forms, fill them out and mail them back to our office.

Where is your office? 2014-05-03T15:28:21+00:00

Our business office is located at 1834 N Alafaya Trail Suite A, Orlando, Fl 32826 and scheduling hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Our practice is ambulatory, which means we do not have a traditional office location where are patients come to see us. Instead we come to see you!

Can you get me a visiting nurse or medical equipment? 2014-05-03T15:28:26+00:00

Yes. Medicare and other insurances provide coverage for services such as a visiting nurse and medical equipment. We work with several local home health agencies to provide a comprehensive range of services to patients.

What if I need lab texts or X-Rays? 2014-05-03T15:36:05+00:00

Our medical providers will order lab tests, x-rays, EKGs, and whatever “ancillary” services or procedures that may be required to fully evaluate any medical problem- and you almost never have to leave your home for these to be done!

Will I see a Doctor at each visit? 2014-05-03T15:35:58+00:00

You will not always see the Doctor. So that we are able to give each of you the time and attention you need and deserve our nurse practitioners will be making regularly scheduled visits. The Doctor is very much involved with what is going on with every one of our patients and works very closely with the nurse practitioners. Our ARNP’s hold Masters of Nursing and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner degrees. Our Nurse Practitioners are qualified to write prescriptions and to treat and manage illness

What type of insurance do you accept? 2018-02-22T19:05:45+00:00

For our homebound and assisted living facility patients we accept Medicare and some PPO plans.  You can view the current list HERE.
For our skilled nursing home patients we accept most major medical plans.
Please contact our office at 321-235-0692 so that we can verify your insurance and eligibility.

What type of services do you provide? 2014-05-03T15:35:25+00:00

We provide primary care to residents living in Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities. We also visit home bound patients in their private home.